ZOFIA RYDET. Record, 1978-90

Schermata 2017-01-12 alle 20.01.47.png

This is the first major presentation of the Sociological Record by Zofia Rydet in France, one of the most important Polish artworks.

It is one of the largest single artwork in XXth century, consisting of around 20,000 photographs, a work that has never been completed. Zofia Rydet began working on the cycle at age of 67, in 1978 and continued almost until her death in 1997. For nearly three decades, the artist repeated the same scheme: people are portrayed against a wall, looking straight into the camera lens, they are photographed with a wide-angle lens and usually with strong flash that brutally brings out the details of the interiors.

ZOFIA RYDET Record, 1978-1990 Jeu de Paume — Château de Tours
11/19/2016 — 05/28/2017

CURATORS Sebastian Cichocki, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Karol Hordziej, Foundation for Visual Arts in Kraków • SUMMARY 4 – The highlights of the exhibition 5 – Foreword 6 – The exhibition 9 – Biography 11 – Around the exhibition 12 – Press visuals 17 – Practical infos

This exhibition is produced by Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, in partnership with the Zofia Rydet Foundation, Kraków, and in collaboration with Jeu de Paume, Paris, and the city of Tours. • Cover : Zofia Rydet, from the series Sociological Record, courtesy Foundation Zofia Rydet The Jeu de Paume receives public funding from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication and its main corporate sponsors are Neuflize OBC and Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre.


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