Nostalgic Worlds Through Miniature Art


It seems like there is no such a person in the world who is indifferent to tiny houses and interiors. Some people admire, others collect. And the most talented create them. Olga Mutina, a Russian craftswoman from the city of Cheboksary, is exactly the sort of such person.

‘Since childhood, I love creating houses in different boxes, lockers, shelves, but most of all I like populating unexpected spaces, containers and objects where no one would start looking for my mysterious mini residents. I used to make these little houses, for example, in matchboxes, and carry them in my pocket everywhere. Now, when I already have my own adult children, I have an opportunity to go back to my child’s passion,’ says Olga.

The author participates in special and personal exhibitions, but in her hometown yet, as the miniatures are very fragile and, therefore, there are difficulties in transporting.

Of course, modern technologies allow to make all most unbelievable and realistic things with the help of backable plastic and 3D printer, but Olga creates a whole world of scrap materials, like real ones created by tiny people. The wonderful world at which we, giants, are sometimes allowed to look through a little window. But carefully, so that the little men did not notice us, otherwise they might be frightened and would find a new house. But kids are lucky: little cubs and men are not afraid of them, love communicating and traveling in child’s pockets all over the vast and wonderful world…

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