Bubble Tea Boba Tea


Bubble Tea, often also called Boba Tea, is a drink that was invented in Taiwan about thirty years ago.

The original version has a basis of black or green tea, heavily flavored. Inside it float many balls of tapioca. A brief description is certainly necessary. The variations to this recipe, which could almost be described as “traditional” are endless. And this peculiar feature, the fact that we can’t establish a specific criterion, a policy or any boundaries, makes Bubble Tea a perfect “concept” to express a shared culture, with a weak charge of identity. A Creole element,formed by many cultural (and gustatory) needs, with none superior or prevailing over the others. An approach with scarce identity, which is reminiscent of the foods eaten by the cartoon characters in the 80s, is the perfect niche in which to reflect on the concept of innovation. This criterion, always associated with the idea of “change”, is here – instead – proposed as a tool of evolution – without shocks. Bubble Tea is a show based on the reactions that human beings have with the idea of “newness”: the system why our generation, ready for everything, is still capable of astonishment, incredulity towards something unknown. An exhibition about society: observed from within a public place, where the viewer often coincides with the client, and where it is life to control the balance of power between things (works) and people.


via Rosolino Pilo 9, 20129 Milano
FROM DIC. 15, 2016
TO DIC. 21, 2016

DIC. 14, 2016
6:30 P.M. – 8 P.M.
organizzato da PANE


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